Create a State of Balanced Being ……
… With Helene Suzann

Helene Suzann
I design unique, personalized full-living programs to free up those things that are keeping you from being all that you can – and want – to be.” Helene

Tools and Techniques

Hypnotherapy – use the power of the subconscious mind to align your behaviors and actions with your soul’s desires.

Reiki – create healthy life flow by balancing the electromagnetic energy in a around your body.

Visualization – focus the magnetic source of the imagination of your mind’s eye.

Meditation – quiet your “monkey mind” so that your inner wisdom can be heard.

Yoga & movement - build your life force by moving your body to its natural sensual rhythm while experiencing your breath.

Past life regression – access the wisdom and lessons of who you have been to create the best experience of you now!

Spiritual Path Counseling – access divine guidance and your intuition to plan the next baby step – or quantum leap – on your spiritual path.

Law of Attraction – use universal law to make you a manifesting magnet!

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