Create a State of Balanced Being……
….With Helene Suzann

You are already whole and complete. You are a divine expression of consciousness. You are already healthy, happy and living in the flow of well-being. But life may have covered your spark with worries, fears, pain, hurt and doubt. Together, we will excavate the negativity that has gotten buried within you. And we will fill the open, healed spaces with love, wholeness, and a passion for living and expressing.

On my personal journey, I have studied and mastered many tools and techniques, including hypnotherapy, Reiki, past life regression, meditation, yoga, creative thought and the Law of Attraction. I will build a unique program for you that will guide you through the process of recovering, remembering and discovering how fabulous your life can be and feel.

I design unique, personalized full-living programs to free up those things that are keeping you from being all that you can – and want – to be.” Helene

I live my passion by being a resource to you. Together we will peel off the layers of past experiences that keep you from living fully as the magnificent being you are.

I wish for you ….
the warmth of peace and joy and love filling your heart and the softness of the ocean breeze lifting your spirit in every single moment.

Tools and Techniques

Hypnotherapy – use the power of the subconscious mind to align your behaviors and actions with your soul’s desires.

Reiki – create healthy life flow by balancing the electromagnetic energy in a around your body.

Visualization – focus the magnetic source of the imagination of your mind’s eye.

Meditation – quiet your “monkey mind” so that your inner wisdom can be heard.

Yoga & movement - build your life force by moving your body to its natural sensual rhythm while experiencing your breath.

Past life regression – access the wisdom and lessons of who you have been to create the best experience of you now!

Spiritual Path Counseling – access divine guidance and your intuition to plan the next baby step – or quantum leap – on your spiritual path.

Law of Attraction – use universal law to make you a manifesting magnet!

There’s no place like OMMMMMM…

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